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Virtual cards

Are you ready to revolutionize your business payments? Our virtual cards are the solution. They are like a digital version of a traditional credit card, except that they are not made of plastic, can be created immediately according to your requirements and are ready for use in seconds.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a straightforward solution or an option tailored entirely to your needs - with our Virtual Corporate Solution and Visa Commercial Pay products, we have the right solution for your company. In just a few clicks, you can create virtual cards that are suitable for all types of transactions at your company - be it buying office materials, investing in online marketing or paying while on the move.

Virtual Corporate Solution - simple and practical

The Virtual Corporate Solution is integrated seamlessly into our card management tool. It provides a simple way of creating virtual credit cards with individual parameters in just a few clicks.



  • Seamless integration into our card management tool: with our Partner Collaboration Tool, you can create, manage and monitor your virtual cards and their monthly statements conveniently in a single place - as well as all other company-wide payment solutions from Cornèrcard.
  • Available in Swiss francs (CHF).

Visa Commercial Pay - tailor-made and digital from A to Z

Visa Commercial Pay is a completely digital solution. It can be tailored to your company's specific requirements with regard to the management and use of virtual cards, and features a separate app and seamless integration of virtual cards into mobile wallets.



  • Multiple authorization levels: create virtual cards with different authorization levels.
  • App for cardholders: straightforward card applications and integration into mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay directly via the Visa Commercial Pay app.
  • Restrictions on transaction types: define precise usage restrictions for your cards.
  • Available in Swiss francs (CHF), euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD): choose your preferred currency.

Would you like to use virtual cards that are tailored precisely to your needs? Discover our broad range of virtual purchasing cards, which you can configure individually. Our Virtual Corporate Solution is the intuitive solution for creating and managing virtual credit cards and is integrated seamlessly into our card management system.

For the tailor-made option, we recommend Visa Commercial Pay, the completely digital solution with various authorization levels and integration into mobile wallets. Choose between the currencies CHF, EUR and USD. Optimize your payment system and your company management with our virtual card solutions.

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