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Global Card for global citizens

Your clients lead extraordinary lives and Cornèrcard is here to support them.

A card for every moment

From the ordinary to the extraordinary

Global Card brings your clients exclusive benefits designed for every lifestyle - covering everything from grocery shopping to chartering a private jet. All backed up with unparalleled acceptance and security.

For everyone who matters

Whether for a spouse, family member, a child studying abroad, a personal assistant or a trusted associate, Cornèrcard can provide additional personal cards with defined credit limits. This creates flexibility, freedom and convenience.

Exclusive lifestyle benefits

Designed for leisure and business use, our Global Card range comes with truly personalised service and exclusive, luxury benefits.

Global Card Classic

  • Comprehensive worldwide travel insurance
  • Payment, purchase, and other insurance options
  • Choose from a Personal or Business card

Global Card Platinum

  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Unlimited airport lounge visits with a complimentary Priority PassTM
  • Extensive travel and insurance

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