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We are aware of our social responsibility as a company and take it seriously – at various levels and in various areas. For years, Cornèrcard has maintained partnerships with aid organisations in the areas of sport, culture as well as social issues and supports a variety of projects.


With the «Changemakers» project, Cornèrcard created one of the first charity auction platforms in Switzerland together with MindNow AG. It offers a wide audience the chance to do good while having fun. The auction proceeds are donated to select Swiss aid organisations.


We have been working with numerous partners for many years whose missions range from animal welfare and environmental protection to social projects. By issuing special branded credit cards and supporting a wide range of projects, Cornèrcard helps to encourage discussions about socially important issues and makes these accessible to the public at large.


Cornèrcard is the official partner of the Swiss Alpine Club SAC. Together, they are committed to the sustainable development and preservation of mountains. They aim to create a network of people interested in these topics and make the experience of alpine sports accessible to the public at large – safely, sustainably and responsibly.


Cornèrcard has been supporting WWF’s environmental work since 2002. Cornèrcard donates CHF 50 for each newly issued WWF credit card, CHF 25 for each prepaid card and CHF 25 for each renewal of a payment card. In addition, 0.25% of every card usage with a credit card and 0.1% with a prepaid card goes directly to the WWF – at no extra cost to cardholders.

South Pole

As part of this partnership, which has been in place since 2011, Cornèrcard and South Pole offset the carbon footprint of all payments made with Cornèrcard by supporting select Gold Standard climate protection projects. In addition, cardholders receive their personal emissions footprint once a year, as well as a certificate for the offsets made, so they can make future purchasing decisions even more prudently.

Heart for India

Heart for India is a foundation established in Geneva in 2005 with the aim of providing nutrition, health, hygiene, safety and protection for children in India.


The Greenhope Foundation, based in Lugano, organises events to give children with cancer and their families a chance to have some fun and make happy, carefree memories. The foundation also supports young, talented competitive athletes. Cornèrcard issues credit cards and prepaid cards together with Greenhope.

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