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Virtual Corporate Solution

Set up credit cards with the Virtual Corporate Solution in one minute and use them immediately

The virtual credit card can be used immediately

Only a few clicks needed
Ideal for travel bookings and business purchases
For all employees and authorised users

Virtual credit cards

Create virtual credit cards - also known as purchasing cards - yourself with just a few clicks in a portal set up specifically for this purpose (Virtual Corporate Solution). As many as you need, and each with an individually defined period of validity, spending limit, and other parameters. The cards can be used immediately - by you, your employees, or other authorized users - from the office, from home, or on the go.


Product groups such as IT, office, and technical supplies, cloud services, online advertising (Google Ads, LinkedIn), and services are particularly suited for secure payment via virtual cards, as are expenditures for human resources (training, conferences, membership fees, and recruiting).

Individually define the following for each card number

Allocate each payment to

Maximum control

Ad-hoc allocation

Cornèrcard is a reliable partner that always helps us to maintain control of our credit card expenditures and pay them on time. We are especially pleased with the quick response time when we submit requests to customer service.

Patrick Seiler
Group Leader Accounting, Bachem Ltd

The virtual cards are the solution we've long been looking for. We can now create time-limited cards easily, add a certain amount and expiration date to them, and store the relevant project. The result? Complete traceability and time savings for the accounting team!

Vincent Mani
Co-CEO, BuxumLunic

Cornèrcard offers us solutions to meet all of our needs (physical and virtual cards, platforms to download account statements in various forms). We also receive personal support and always have the same contact person. And when we need help, we receive it quickly and easily.

Nick Stanfield
Financial Analyst, Quaero Capital (Holding) SA

Every company thinking about implementing SAP Concur should have Cornèrcard on their side. The interface functions seamlessly and simplifies the new electronic workflow for expenses enormously. Throughout the entire project phase, Cornèrcard assisted us with its experience and always served as a reliable contact partner.

Patricia Zeiser
Head of Fee and External Funds Accounting, University Hospital Basel

Because of the many areas where we work, it is important for us to work with a partner that offers efficient and top-quality payment solutions. Thanks to Cornèrcard and the Abacus AbaClik 3 app, we have significantly simplified our expenses processes, reduced administrative work and saved time.

Daniel and Manuel Wiesner
Managing Directors, Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG

Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.