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Business travel insurance

Worldwide coverage for an unlimited number of trips per year – the comprehensive carefree package for your business trips.

Your benefits

All in one – the whole year
No deductible for rental vehicles
Your costs are covered

Avoid the cost of expensive collective business trip insurance – you can rely on insurance with your Cornèrcard 365 days a year.

Whether you’re driving a rented car or motorcycle – in the event of damage or theft, you don’t have to worry about a possible deductible. This is covered by the business travel insurance.

The insurance covers costs such as cancellation, delayed start, interruption or termination of the business trip.

Business travel insurance at a glance

Insured risks:

  • Cancellation costs
  • Interruption of travel and travel assistance
  • Travel delay
  • Luggage (theft and damage)
  • Medical treatment and medical assistance costs
  • Travel liability insurance
  • Deductible waiver for rental cars (CDW)

Important notice:

  • Our business travel insurance provides expanded insurance coverage in the event of an epidemic- or pandemic-related illness, such as the coronavirus (see GTI)

Insured persons:

  • Cardholder, employees, consultants, guests as well as family members and persons living in the same household and accompanying the cardholder on a business trip
  • Employees, consultants and guests of the cardholder for whom the cardholder has paid the travel expenses with the card (even if the cardholder does not participate)

Insurance partner:

  • Allianz Assistance

Available with several credit cards including

Cornèrcard Business Classic

  • Ideal for business purchases and travel expenses
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 100
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Cornèrcard Business Gold

  • Generous spending limit
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 190
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Cornèrcard Miles & More Business Classic combo offer

  • 5,000 miles welcome bonus
  • Business travel insurance included
  • Collect award miles with 2 cards
Annual fee CHF 140
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Do you have any questions?

Contact us via phone at +41 91 800 41 50. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal consultation.

Free business travel insurance with Cornèrcard

Get outstanding business travel insurance with the Cornèrcard company credit card – free of charge!

Business trips up to one year
The insurance covers business trips that do not exceed 365 days. 

Coverage also includes leisure activities during the duration of the business trip as well as a maximum of 14 days off or vacation days that take place directly before, during or after the business trip in the same country.

Anywhere in the world
The insurance coverage is valid worldwide.

Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.