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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay: Mobile payment is this secure and straighforward – use it wherever you can use credit and prepaid cards to pay with contactless technology. At the cash desk in stores or online. Ready to activate Samsung Pay for your Cornèrcard?


Activated in an instant
Optimum protection when you pay
Welcome anywhere in the world

Samsung Pay comes pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or watch. All you have to do is launch the app, add your Cornèrcard and you’re ready to go.

All transactions are authorised using your fingerprint or PIN. Card numbers are replaced by random tokens and are not stored.

Your Cornèrcard with Samsung Pay works anywhere in the world where contactless payments can be made using Visa and Mastercard® credit or prepaid cards.



  • Open the Samsung Pay app on your smartphone.
  • Log in with your Samsung account.
  • Tap on «Add card».
  • Simply follow the instructions – it only takes a few steps to add your Cornèrcard and start using Samsung Pay.


  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.
  • Select the Samsung Pay function.
  • Tap on «Add card».
  • Follow the next steps to set up Samsung Pay.

You can use Samsung Pay with virtually any current Samsung Galaxy smartphone or watch. Please remember that you have to set up Samsung Pay separately for your smartphone and your smartwatch, as the tokens are never transferred between the two devices.

Available with several cards including

Cornèrcard Classic

  • 0.5% cashback
  • Instalment payment option
  • Win an exclusive trip to Paris to the Olympic Games Paris 2024 thank to Visa
In the 1st year CHF 50 instead of CHF 100
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Cornèrcard Gold

  • 1% Cashback
  • Travel insurance included
  • Higher insurance coverage
In the 1st year CHF 95 instead of CHF 190
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Cornèrcard Platinum

  • 1.5% cashback
  • Award-winning concierge service
  • Available in 3 currencies
In the 1st year CHF 250 instead of CHF 500
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You can find the answers to frequently asked questions in the help centre.

Ihre Cornèrcard mit Samsung Pay

Mobile payments any time, any place: The Samsung Pay app supports both NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and works with almost all payment systems – most definitely also where you use your Cornèrcard Visa or Mastercard®.

All transactions using your Samsung Galaxy smartphone are authorised using a fingerprint or the personal PIN code that only you know.

Additional authorisation by signature is required in shops that use MST. Payments using your Galaxy watch are authenticated once using a PIN.

Using Samsung Pay for your Cornèrcard credit or prepaid card is free of charge.

Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.