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3-D Secure

The 3-D Secure security standard offers you even more protection when shopping online with your Cornèrcard.

Your benefits

Free of charge

You enter an SMS code during the transaction to confirm your identity as the cardholder and the correctness of the payment.

The SMS code is valid once and increases the security of your online transactions.

The use of 3-D Secure is free of charge – in Switzerland as well as abroad.

3-D Secure – how it works

Every time you make a card payment with 3-D Secure, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. This will allow you to check the transaction for correctness and then approve it by entering the code in the browser if everything is correct.

  • Complete the online order and enter your card details.
  • Open the SMS you received from Cornèrcard on your smartphone.
  • Check that the transaction is correct by comparing the information in the SMS with your order.
  • If everything is correct, enter the SMS code in the browser window. This completes your online purchase.

Available with several credit cards including

Cornèrcard Business Classic

  • Ideal for business purchases and travel expenses
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 100
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Cornèrcard Business Gold

  • Generous spending limit
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 190
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Cornèrcard Miles & More Business Classic combo offer

  • 5,000 miles welcome bonus
  • Business travel insurance included
  • Collect award miles with 2 cards
Annual fee CHF 140
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Do you have any questions?

Contact us via phone at +41 91 800 41 50. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal consultation.

Your Cornèrcard and 3-D Secure

3-D Secure is an international security standard for online payments made with credit or prepaid cards. It is also known as «Mastercard Identity Check™» or «Visa Secure».

The name 3-D Secure is derived from the third additional security measure (alongside expiration date and verification number) that allows you to check every online transaction and confirm it via SMS code.

This ensures that no one but you can carry out a transaction with your Cornèrcard.

Numerous domestic and international online stores use 3-D Secure. One way to identify it is via the two logos: Mastercard Identity Check™ and Visa Secure.

Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.