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Legal protection insurance

A strong partner in the event of disputes arising in connection with the purchase of goods and services, including online purchases. Also applies to assistance in matters involving transportation with rental vehicles.

Your benefits

Assumption of legal costs
Motor legal protection for rental cars
Insured worldwide

The insurance covers the fees of legal representatives, court and arbitration costs, as well as costs for expert reports and analyses.

Assistance in the event of a traffic accident with a rented vehicle and for insurance disputes.

The comprehensive legal protection insurance is valid in Switzerland and around the world.

Legal protection insurance at a glance

Insurance benefits:

  • Fees of legal representatives
  • Court and arbitration costs
  • Costs for expert reports and analyses
  • Expenses for travel to court hearings outside Switzerland

Insured persons:

  • The cardholder
  • Employees or colleagues on a work-related trip with a rental vehicle

Amounts insured:

  • Up to CHF 250,000 per claim with Cornèrcard Classic cards
  • Up to CHF 300,000 per claim with Cornèrcard Gold cards

Insurance partner:

  • CAP Rechtsschutz

Included free of charge (if provided for the selected credit card)

Available with several credit cards including

Cornèrcard Business Classic

  • Ideal for business purchases and travel expenses
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 100
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Cornèrcard Business Gold

  • Generous spending limit
  • Credit cards in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Cost control and transparency
Annual fee CHF 190
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Cornèrcard Miles & More Business Classic combo offer

  • 5,000 miles welcome bonus
  • Business travel insurance included
  • Collect award miles with 2 cards
Annual fee CHF 140
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Do you have any questions?

Contact us via phone at +41 91 800 41 50. Our specialists are at your disposal for a personal consultation.

Legal protection insurance with the Cornèrcard

The insurance for all possible costs arising from legal disputes.

Particularly useful in the event of traffic accidents
In the event of a traffic accident, the holder of a Cornèrcard, as well as all persons living with them in the same household, are insured as the driver or passenger of a rental vehicle.

Pay with the Cornèrcard and benefit from legal protection
The insurance covers the costs of contractual disputes where the cardholder has made at least 51% of the total payment with a Cornèrcard credit card.


If renting a road vehicle, the insurance covers non-contractual liability claims in connection with a traffic accident as well as costs of defence in proceedings for violation of traffic regulations.

Anywhere in the world
The legal protection insurance is valid worldwide.

Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.