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About us

Cornèrcard is a division of Cornèr Bank, an independent Swiss banking institution founded in Lugano in 1952. Cornèr Bank was the first bank in Switzerland to launch Visa credit cards in 1975, followed by Mastercard® cards in 1998 and Diners Club cards in 2014.

Cornèrcard now offers a wide range of credit and prepaid cards for private and business clients and is continuously expanding its offering with services in the areas of e-commerce and mobile commerce.

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Cornèrcard has a responsibility towards society as a company. That is why we are active in a number of fields, primarily by issuing special payment cards for social projects.


Cornèrcard is proud to introduce several exceptionally talented individuals as brand ambassadors. We are delighted to have wonderful, committed people at our side.

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Cornèrcard is part of the Cornèr Group.