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Cornèrcard Gift Card

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To access card balance follow 2 steps:

Register mobile phone number (only once)

For the registration you’ll need the reference number on the back of your card (Cornèrcard Ref. No.)*, as well as your mobile phone and a network connection in order to send and receive SMS.

Request balance

Cornèrcard Gift Card - Registration

To register your mobile phone number, please send a SMS to +41 76 601 30 10 with following text:

ACTIVATE + Reference Number* + Last 4 card digits


ACTIVATE 1234567890123 1234 (please add a space between data).



We thank you for choosing Cornèrcard. Enjoy shopping!

* if no reference number is visible on the back of your card or you require further assistance, please contact our Help Line: +41 91 800 41 41.

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